Adam McNamara
Adam McNamara

Adam has been a successful Actor for around fourteen years. Started writing about ten years ago. Lived all over the place. Two kids. Incredibly unlucky with second handcars. Has watched every episode of Air Crash Investigation. Used to be a police officer. Known to sigh a lot. Especially watching cop shows.

First TV script “The Job” commissioned by the BBC in London. Developed for two years. Wrote “Stand By” a play which won a Fringe First in 2017 at the EdinburghFestival, “Stand By” also comes in a screenplay version. Currently working on a new play “C.O.P” (Crime OfPassion) and a period drama “The First” set in Glasgow 1800 about the very first Police Force in the UK.

Stand By



Scottish Theatre Producers & Beacon Arts Centre

In Development

The First [Film & TV]

C.O.P. [Theatre]

Stand By [Film & TV]

The Job [Film & TV]

Concealment [Film & TV]